Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Math & Mission is a spiritual and philanthropic institute founded in the year 1976 at a hermitage by an aspirant Swami Tapananda, resident monk of Ramakrishna order and a disciple of Swami Himanshu Maharaj, one of the disciples of Holy Mother, Sarada Devi. Gradually its growth and spiritual activities are sustained by the devotees and like minded religious people. So Swami Tapananda got a chance to highlight his spiritual ideas and he arranged a technique of worship to Sri Ramakrishna and to offer a system for upliftment of the common people. He felt that the ideology of Swami Vivekananda will uplift the immatured persons who had no concept of religion .Later on, this philanthropic institute got registered in 1979 and local government handed over 1.23 acres of land on lease by appreciating the constructive ideas of Swami Tapananda

Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Math & Mission

This institution had accepted ideology of Swami Vivekananda. After a vision in deep meditation, Swami Tapananda felt in his heart crying need of the people, severe pain of poverty, and ignorance of the people in this area. Immediately he thought and collected a few dedicated souls for the upliftment and development of the society.

Administration of the Institution

Further, after some time, he made a committee i.e Governing Body and drew a long term plan and programme. This Governing Body and system will run the institution.

The ambition of the institution.

  1. The explanation is the liberation of human soul and the welfare of the society. In other words, it suggests - the liberation of universal soul and welfare of the human beings or living beings of this world.

  2. As per Swami Vivekananda's divine teachings, "the fulfillment of ambition is possible through work and worship: through assimilation; not dissimilation : through acceptance: not rejection".