About college

Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Ashrama Teacher's Training College, Hazaribag is not only a college, but an Institution which beside catering to the need of imparting education to the willing brilliant minds, also represents as epicentre of Spiritual, religious and social training, under the guidance of its President, Swami Tapananda Maharaj Ji.

Here B.Ed. Education leads to learning the steps to cultivate a new space of education, and enriching young minds to new heights of excellence.

Education in general, including B.Ed. is undergoing enlargement of scope and dimension with the pursing year. We have been fortunate to get the modern and time proven system to incorporate that in our institutional curriculum.

Our B.Ed. College is well equipped with qualified teachers and library books. All the different courses of B.Ed. education with their restrict time frame is systematically and sincerely adhered to and the result is exemplary at the end.