The Student

The Students form the spirit and soul of any educational institute. The institution is the outer core, sometimes interiors had with eye catching design and structure but deep down the outer covering resides very essence that distinguishes the real beauty and elegance, not always visible. The quality springs from the potentiality and intellectual calibre of its brilliant students, who harbour assimilated knowledge and their application to enrich not only their lives but the country and the world at large.

It will not be out of focus to bring to mind the observation of Bill Clinton the former president of the U.S.A. Some years back, when during his tenure, he visited India and after his visit to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) his thoughtful scholarly observation was that India have alumni of such institutions from left their stamp in the U.S.A. He paid tribute to their teaching in India by their teachers.

The development of the mind of brilliant students and their application is the glory of those institutions. He indirectly mentioned where India rules supreme.

The students of our college play a dominant role in other fields also. Educational brilliance apart, is a back of the society- they were inspired to spread their wings in different areas also. If we look to our past we will find how moral and spiritual upbringing was given due importance. Here, in our institution those aspects are not ignored. Our cherished values are linked to our past. Our institution has directly and indirectly incorporated them.

Our President, Swami Tapananda Maharaj Ji has set example to the students in their behaviour and activities inside and outside the campus. On different occasions those values are given importance after the total development and improvement is our goal.