About NSS

SERVICES of a country is not reformed until the youth takes rule in its hand. Keeping in view that no country will progress until its youth lead from front. Youth is the backbone of any country. They are capable of doing anything provided nurtured properly. This stage of development must be put in right way for National Development. Only educated youth move towards development by connecting every section of the society and spread awareness in all classes of the society. NSS was initiated, in our country to address the issue of overall grooming of youth to prepare them to take over the responsibilities of the nation, in the year 1969.

The objectives of NSS are:

1. To work with the people.

2. To create oneself socially active and creative.

3. To acquaint the knowledge gain of oneself and others.

4. To work in democratic ways.

5. To enable oneself with employment related with social welfare.

6. To fill gap between literate and illiterate.

7. To work for the lowest class of the society.

The National History of NSS starts from 1969 in which it was founded with 40,000 in the first NSS volunteer list. From then the NSS has worked for various noble causes and national needs. The NSS unit of SRSATTC was established on 29 June 2019. Since its inception, it planned and organised various social programmes. During Covid 19 also our students distributed masks and sanitizer. They also made the local residents aware of various precautionary and preventive measures to be adopted during corona or related diseases. The students also supported protection of environment through plantation programs organized, time to time, every year. Presently, we have 100 students enrolled in NSS, 50 each from session 2020 - 2022 and 2021-2023. The NSS has adopted BHELWARA village for its work.